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A L Thompson's Home Depot

Company Information

  • Company Name: A L Thompson's Home Depot
  • Country: Cayman Islands
  • Address: North Sound Road
  • International Area Code: 1345
  • Phone: (1-345) 949-8622 (+1345-(1-345) 949-8622)
  • Fax: (1-345) 949-7188 (+1345-(1-345) 949-7188)
  • Website:
  • Category Activities: Building materials and supplies
  • Area: North Side
  • Industry: Building Materials And Supplies

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The contents of this listing are outdated and inaccurate. A. L. Thompson's ceased trading as Home Depot in 2008. Appliance Center has been called the Appliance Gallery since it moved into A. L. Thompson's main store at 189 North Sound Road in 2010.